Paul and Kaye S (Family health problems gone)

Date: January 2008



I joined Rachel`s food classes (October 2007) primarily to support my mum and for my husband for as long as I can remember suffered fom frequent and severe headaches that penetrated into his eye and ear with no apparent trigger. He had been checked over by the doctor and eye specialist finding no abnormalities.
Just from what I had learnt in the first class I was convinced that there was definately some links from what we as a family were eating and some of the health problems we were battling. I made some immediate changes, throwing out beef and chicken stocks which I had always used abundantly. I changed our bread to another variety and basically emptied the pantry cupboard into the otto bin of all foods containing MSG, and chemicals that we were eating.
The changes in the families health were almost immediate. Within a week my husband went from taking the maximum amount of panadol allowed, nurofen and when his headaches were really severe 800mg of Brufen twice daily + losec. To date (Jan 2008) we haven`t bought any panadol and my husband only gets a 2 to 3 headaches in a 3 month period, rather than most days as before!
Our 10 year old daughter had battled with ear infections, glue ear, sinus infections, coughing and croup in the winter. She would quite often feel nauseated at night after eating her tea no matter what it was and would sometimes vomit for no apparent reason. Party times were guaranteed a reaction. She would regularly be on inhalers and asmafen to stop her coughing, antibiotics for ear and sinus infections. She is now experiencing great health, no medication for the last 3 months, no nausea or vomiting and no Dr`s visits.
Our 15 year old daughter has more energy and has become more active and states she feels so much better.
It took me 2 to 3 weeks to actually tolerate real food, as I was so used to the "chemical" type. We are now all enjoying real food, including saturated fats without any problems. Our cravings are now gone, and we now seem to eat much less as we are more satisfied with our new regime.
It has been a change of lifestyle. It has caused us to become far more concerned about what we eat, the things we use on our bodies and even what we clean our house with. We have now gained through Rachel`s classes an informed choice about what is beneficial and what is toxic to our bodies. We now choose to use products and eat foods which will ensure that we live longer and have optimum health!



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