Diane H (Off all Thyroid Medications)

Date: Feb 07


Age: 58

Frusemide (for fluid retention), Losec (for indegestion), Carbimazole (for over active thyroid) all GONE!
After several years of popping these pills, I have found the new natural way to take care of my health with Rachel`s invaluable guidance through the Better Bods program and the Jenna`s Journey book principles. In conjunction with the whole system (natural foods) my fluid retention problems have vanished, no more puffiness or bloating. My indegestion, heartburn agony is gone without using any tablets at all. Instead I take full fat natural yoghurt which keeps it all very settled. Now if I eat the wrong thing I soon know about it! Its great no longer suffering from symptoms of over active thyroid. With my new food ways and just once per week at the Better Bods exercise classes my whole health is fantastic. No sick days now. I implore everybody who wants to learn the TRUTH to really look at what is going on. Rachel has huge information on all of this and I am so grateful to be on the right track now.
Thankyou Rachel. You are ahead of time, but just in time for me!

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