Claire and Zoe P (Gluten free and dairy allergies gone)

Date: Jan 08


Age: Teens

Our children developed a dairy and wheat allergy (separately) whilst we lived in the Far North which continued once we had moved to Timaru. We were totally baffled by this as we ate "healthily", grew our own vegetables ... These allergies forced me to 'swop' dairy for soy and olivio etc., and wheat for gluten free products, but which made no difference at all to either of the girls and was totally tasteless! The wheat allergy was the worst as it made my daughter become very bloated in her face and body and pyschologically she thought herself fat.

Chris started going to Rachel's nutrition classes late last year and I ran the pantry down and restocked with coconut oil, butter, organic flour etc. and was extra vigilant with reading labels: I hadn't realised there was so much MSG in everything.

I had Claire measured for a school skirt in September, which wasn't made until January at which time she was re-measured. She had lost 11 cms off her waist and 5 cms off her hips and had been noticeably slimming down since October. In that short time she had been eating bread and cakes made with organic flour but not eating rice crackers and other supposed non wheat foodstuffs! Zoe is able to consume as much dairy produce as she likes without any adverse reaction.

Rachel's book is easy to read, packed with relevant information on what goes into all our supposed healthy foods; and excellent websites with more detailed information. This is easy to incorporate into daily life - all it takes is a few minutes extra at the supermarket checking labels and sourcing the right foodstuffs.


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