BAND FIT (resistance exercise) is the key to a BETTER BOD!

Diet foods/drinks can hurt you rather than help you!

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Personal Testimonials
This page lists a selection of the testimonials we get from our satisfied and/or happy clients.
There are also links to pages containing testimonials from Schools that have taken part in our many and varied events and, thought well enough of us to send in these testimonials.

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School Reviews
Please 'Click Here' to read the reviews we recieve from school children as a result of our School visits containing comments from both the teachers and children who participated in the activities.
Marie B From: Timaru
November 2005      
Hi, I am 44 years old and I realised I needed to do something to prevent my body from falling apart. I have been attending Band Fit Classes for about 1 year now and really enjoy the exercise programme. The energy that eminates from the class instructors really inspires me to work harder at getting a Better Bod. I have found that those niggling aches and pains and cold feet I used to suffer from are now few and far between. My husband John and I attend classes together when we can. It`s an encouragement to both of us to keep up our fitness levels. Thanks to healthy eating choices and regular exercise, I now feel so much more vibrant and alive. When I am out biking, tramping or gardening I find the level of enjoyment has increased due to the new found energy I have acquired.

Cathy B From: Timaru
November 2005      
I do the Better Bods Band Fit classes because you can work at your own pace and being in a group situation pushes me to make it burn hard. The instructors motivate you to push yourself and tell you what muscle you should be feeling so you know whether you are doing it correctly. All the exercises can be done at home and it`s like having your own personal gym routine without all the cumbersome equipment, just the stretchy band.

Lee H From: Timaru
November 2005      
I originally heard about Better Bods through a workmate. I decided to get a group together to see if they were interested. We looked up the website to find out more information and class schedules, then registered. We have been going since the start of the year, attending 1 to 2 classes per week. Being a mum of 2 girls and also working part time, you don`t get a chance to get out for regular exercise. I have found this is "me" time.
I feel much fitter and stronger. I love the classes, especially with the choice of ability levels and the mix of resistance and aerobic build up over a 5 week period. By week 5 it`s a great workout. I have recommended Better Bods to friends and other people I have met, just to let them know, to make the change like I have.
Even if it`s just 1 session per week, you will notice a difference. Give it a go!

Mandy S From: Timaru
November 2005      
I have been going to Band Fit classes for well over a year now and often wondered if it was doing me any good. Following an injury I had to stop classes for 3 months and suddenly 5kg of weight piled on! This was proof to me that I need the classes, so I am now back to lose the 5kg! I really feel much better mentally and physically when I`m doing regular exercise.

Vanessa S From: Timaru
November 2005      
I am loving the variety and intensity of the block prgramme. Each session is a good workout alone, paced to individual needs, so I can push myself hard without any joint pain. After 4 weeks I noticed less flab and can feel where my muscles used to be, I have also lost centimetres and all the bad areas! This is fantastic! Rachel and her team are fun, professional and family friendly. I appreciate their flexibility and willingness to allow my daughter to attend as well, we both enjoy the music and workout, and I get my "me" time for exercise without having to pay for a baby sitter. Thanks Rachel, you truly help us all towards better and balanced health.

Leanne W From: Timaru
November 2005      
After a freak accident late last year resulting in a back operation which disabled me from doing everyday tasks including exercise. On my return to Band Fit I strengthened up my abdominal muscles which in turn strengthened my back and improved my posture and now I am sure I`m taller and leaner!!

Carol G From: Timaru
November 2005      
Why not to stop!
I have been attending Better Bods now for over 12 months, initially attending once per week and then due to my age and expansion decided to attend 2 times per week. This was a very good decision on my part as I managed to shed 4 kilos in a very short period. Things were going really great until just at the start of winter 2005 when life decided to get a little busier than normal and I was feeling relatively fit and energetic, missing a few classes and taking up walking at nights would compensate. YEAH RIGHT! After a few weeks absence from Band Fit I noticed my clothes were starting to shrink! I was walking every 2nd day but things weren`t as firm as they were at the beginning of the year! I have now come to the realisation that resistance training (Band Fit) really does work and needs to be combined with walking to maintain body shape. I`ve now started back and hope to increase my Band Fit to 3 times per week, with a little motivational help from Rachel, Lee and the girls. So in a nutshell this training really does work and it`s not until you stop that you realise how much good it`s doing! I recommend it!

Linda C From: Timaru
November 2005      
I have been attending Better Bods for nearly 2 years now and the benefits for me have been more physical strength, fitness levels increased, more confidence and sense of well being. It`s easy - just make a weekly appointment with yourself and keep it. The classes are fun and excellent value for money. My bod is definately better for attending Rachel`s classes. 

Leo & Shirly N From: Timaru
November 2005      
We enjoy going to Band Fit as it is something we can do as a couple. We have found that our fitness level has changed since we have had a change in our lifestyle, some of our muscle groups had become "flaccid". Band Fit is toning our bodies in a uniform system. This is a great help to our physical well being. We enjoy the instructors with their personal style of "torture". The friendly encouragement and help to get the exercises right is appreciated. As one of the few males at the classes I often find my male pride dented when I see some of the women able to complete the exercises with more ability than I can muster. 

Kate B From: Timaru
November 2005      

During the last 2 years while attending Rachel`s Better Bods programme. I have had a steady weight loss, become fitter and have a committment to exercise. The programme suits me as the routine changes every 5 weeks, so I don`t get bored with it. There are motivating instructors and its accessable and less cost than the gym. Whoo, hoo!!

Corporate From: Timaru Fishing School
Feb 2006      
Members of BETTER BODS fitness team have been taking students of the Timaru Fishing School for fitness training over the last year.
The students have fully appreciated the mini gym facilities at the school and the opportunity to have a professional fitness trainer oversee their progress.
Special routines have been set up for the students to strengthen their arm, shoulder and leg muscles. This is preparation for the strains these muscles will come under when the students experience the working conditions in the fishing industry, and will help alleviate unnecessary injuries.
We have all enjoyed the enthusiasm and professionalism BETTER BODS have brought to the school and hope our association continues.
Colleen Brokenshire
Course Manager