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WHOO HOO Bread ready to order from April 26th 2010 nationwide, and or direct from Mays Bakery Timaru.

(Give us our daily bread......GOO free please)

This bread will add the WHOO HOO back to your day :)

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The only ingredients are:

Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour (because of this REAL flour, there is no need to add folic acid or other synthetic vitamins)
Dripping (this natural saturated fat gives the bread heavenly taste as well as longer shelf life, so no need to add synthetic preservatives)

Raw Honey (not heated, so retains all its natural goodness)

Fresh Compressed Yeast (the old fashioned yeast that hasn`t been de-natured by being able to put it on the shelf)

Sea Salt
(another natural preservative, when using the REAL stuff)

This bread tastes awesome.........WHOO HOO!!

Wholesale Orders Please Contact Mays Bakery Timaru
: 162 Stafford St, Timaru
Phone: 03 684 4767

Fax: 03 684 4768

Bread now available from:


Brydone Growers, 5km South Oamaru (available on Thursdays)


Mays Bakery North and South stores Stafford Street


Vendetti`s Entree, Queen Street


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