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WHOO HOO Products (note this is a general goo free list, however some products not suited for detox. WHOO HOO recipe books explains more)

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This below list was GOO free from November 2009. (I will update these as necessary) Please re-check ingredient lists prior to purchasing just incase the company has changed the ingredients.....hence why I am wanting my own food branding, because then I don`t have to keep re-checking. The more WHOO HOO way we buy, the less GOO will be made, so will be good for all :) Its up to us the consumer to make a shift in the market.....YOU are the boss after all!

Note: if you have noticed that the below list ingredients have added GOO please me so I can update the list. Or if you know of a goo free product also email me, so I can add to list :)

IMPORTANT INFO: Some of these below foods should not be included in the WHOO HOO detox (especially fermented foods) for those who are unwell or have food allergies. More info and recipe ideas are available in my books: Jenna`s Journey and the WHOO HOO recipe book.

Dec 14th 09 added

• Anzac biscuits (authentic recipe by unibic)
• Basmati rice or long grain 100% plain rice (organic is pref)

* Bread organic soughdough (breadman) or Organic rye bread (dovedale) or WHOO HOO bread, Timaru and Gore New World until my new branding starts.
• Butter (ensure only cream, salt or water)
• Canned, crushed pineapple in its own juice (dole or some home brands, ensure only have fruit and juice)
• Canned peaches, in natural juice (spc)
• Canned salmon or tuna (only in water)
• Cheddar or soft cheese (pams or whitestone) (contains only milk, cultures, rennet and salt). Ensure no enzymes
• Cream (should only be pasteurized)
• Coconut oil (kiaora organic or ensure no hydrogenation process on label)
• Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, dripping (quality approved suppliers, pams )
• Crispbread (ryvita, original rye)
• Dark chocolate 70% (lindt)
• Dessicated organic coconut (is best)

• Free range eggs
• Fresh compressed yeast (ask your local bakery or supermarket)
• Herbal white tea (twinings)
• Locally sourced fresh butchery meats without the marinades and crumbing
– ask for whoo hoo sausages (export Timaru) and bacon without the goo (henderson’s), Export Timaru has goo free bacon too.

* Ice-cream (gourmet ice cream, some choices, eg vanilla)
• Jams (pope jam or some anathoth), ensure just fruit and sugar.
• Nut butters 100% nuts and sea salt (organic ceres or kiaora organic). If not ensure over 92% nuts and vege oil, and nothing else added.
• Organic cannellini/chickpea beans (bioitalia), if not organic just ensure beans, water and salt only.
• Organic cocoa (trade aid)
• Organic coconut cream (ceres organics, or ensure just coconut cream and

*Orange juice (mccoys, 1L tetra pak, dark green lid, fridge area only) 1L No longer available, 300ml still is (May 2010) ring Frucor 0800502929 and complain about the 1L  no longer being available - if they get enough complaints they may reinstate it
• Organic cornflakes (natures path)
• Organic Dijon mustard (natural value)
• Organic dried fruits (especially apricots, as these contain no sulphur dioxide, or 220 or processed vegetable oils)
• Organic green tea (planet organic) or ensure just plain green tea
• Organic haricot/navy beans (bioitalia, if not use organic beans ensuring it
contains beans, water and salt only)

• Organic maple syrup (or o’canada maple syrup)
• Organic polenta
• Organic red kidney beans (bioitalia), or ensure just beans/water/salt.
• Organic rice puffs (mother earth)
• Organic stone ground wheat or white flours (nz biograins)
• Pasta (prefer organic), ensure 100% wheat semolina
• Pasta spaghetti (prefer organic), ensure 100% wheat semolina

• Peanut satay sauce only (khmer)

Pet Food (maranui, frozen mighty mix or local pet store (eg pets pantry) for fresh, preservative free meats)
• Plain rice crackers (sakata) sadly they use canola oil.
• Preferably organic fruits and veges or spray free (seasonal best). If frozen again just ensure there is only veggies/fruits without anything else added.
• Plain Popping corn (prefer organic). I avoid the microwave stuff!
• Raw honey (davidson’s)
• Raw milk (goat’s or cow’s, and yes you have to go to a farm, just ensure the farmers drink it too – legally, you can buy up to five litres from the gate).
Pasteurized milk is the next best option (just ensure it’s not homogenized, but I wouldn’t use any milk other than raw if you use in large amounts). Pasteurised 1 Litre tetra cartons either organic or Farmhouse in all supermarkets.
• Raw nuts
• Raw sugar.....panela, coconut sugar or rapadura sugar best.
• Sea salt (himalayan), lots of varying spices;especially cumin, tumeric and herbs (just check labels or better still go for WHOLE rather than ground spices/herbs)
• Sea salt chips (kettles), note still cooked in wrong oil.
• Shortbread biscuits (arnotts glengarry)
• Stocks: Chicken or beef (foundation foods), or beef and vegetable (Pam’s)
• Sweetened condensed milk (nestle highlander, just contains milk and
• Sun dried raisins (californian sun-maid)
• Tomato paste (leggo’s, ensure only concentrated tomatoes)
• Wheat bread wraps (mountainbread organic)
• Yoghurt (clearwater or full fat biofarm)
• 100% bicarb soda (ensure no added starches or sulphites)
• 100% cream of tartar (ensure no added starches or sulphites)
• 100% oats (harraways or pref organic)

15th Dec 09 added

* Baby food (green monkey range very good, only organic; fruit muesli, golden fruits) just stick to veggies/meats/fruits/oats, without anything else added. When there is vitamin c added, this is due to over processing/heating, so has destroyed the natural vitamin c/citric acid, so then they have to add the synthetic version/s.
* Corn Cruskets (arnotts), just maize and salt

* Ginkgo Herbal Tea (planet organic)
* Vanilla Bean Ice-cream (gourmet ice cream company)

* Apple Juice (benger fruit beverages or camla)

* Dried apple and kiwi fruit snacks (beulah apple products)

* Vanilla and raspberry yoghurt (gourmet ice-cream company)

* Garlic butter (constantia)

* Rice crackers, pumpkin seed and cashew (somboon`s)

* Crackers (breadman)

* Corn thins organic (real foods)

* Organic muesli original and honey toasted (ceres)
* Organic rice cakes original (pureharvest)

* Organic tomato paste (zito)

* Frozen Raspberry Pavlova (country culinaire)

* Grape juice, 100% grapes only (sanitarium)


Personal care products (can be found health food or organic stores or ask if not). Again some of these contain a little GOO, so be aware if you are especially sensitive. These are the best I have found that are currently available.
Simple works best!

22nd Dec 09 added

* Castile Soaps (Dr Bronner`s Magic Soaps)

* Chest rub (Tui Balmes and Waxes)

* Cleaning cloths (Enjo)

* Cleaning products (Green Goddess by Wendyl Nissen)

* Hair Gel (Wings of Waitaha, Malcolm Harker)

* Herbal medicines/tonics (Malcolm Harker or Artemis)

* Itchy skin (Artemis, Chickweed Gel/Ointment)

* Lip Balme (Nutrients, Vanilla)
* Nappies, washable, these have worked g8 for our babies (Honey child)

* Perfume (Evohe)

* Shaving soap (Goats Milk and almond, Lavish Soaps, works well)

* Skin moisturiser (Organic pure coconut oil)

* Sunburn, dry skin or even for babys bottom (Tui Bee Balme)

* Sunscreen, this is the best I have found (Bee Dance Sunscreen)

* Soap and or shampoo (Goats milk and almond, Lavish Soap)
* Shampoo (some Miessence brands)

* Tampons and pads (Natracare)

* Toothpaste (some Miessence brands: lemon)

* Wounds and cuts (Artemis, St Johns Wort Oil)

Jan 10 added

* Perfume Stick (Dolphin Clinic)

* Deodorant (Viola Organics, only contains bicarb soda and essential oils)

* Deodorant (Miessence brands)

* Deodorant, try applying organic coconut oil to underarms :)

Feb 10 added

* Herbal Selections Personal Care Products and Cleaning Products (laundry, bathroom, kitchen) overall is the best I have seen (by Earthwise Direct, info)

*Somboon's Rice Crackers - (by Somboon)

April 10 added

Boar Bull Sausages (Export Meat Timaru)

* All Purpose Seasoning (Artisse Organic)

May 10 added

Arano 100% pure squeezed juice (if not in your supermarkets, just ask), will only be in the chilled area, as no synthetic vitamin c added, as is only heated slightly, so does not destroy the natural vitamin c of the orange. Available up to 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 2L (North Island only)

* Dripping (mutton and beef fat), Quality Approved Suppliers and or Pams

* Orange juice (mccoys, 1L tetra pak, dark green lid, fridge area only) 1L No longer available, 300ml still is (May 2010) ring Frucor 0800502929 and complain about the 1L  no longer being available - if they get enough complaints they may reinstate it.

June 10 added

Maxx Raw Honey (

* Peanut Butter ( Pics Really Good Peanut Butter)

July 10 added

Corn Chips; (Doritos plain salted chips) Note: palm oil is the vegetable oil used. Palm oil is a good stable oil, but if companies use dripping (natural resource available in all countries) there would be no problem with the rainforest devastation, as dripping is a saturated fat like palm oil and would be very good alternative to making these chips.

* WHOO HOO sausage meat (Export Meat Timaru)

* Frozen Pet Food, chicken medallions (First Choice)

* 100% pure pork lard (Farmland Premium)

* Hair Gel (Dollop)

* 2 other herbal white tea brands; China White Tea and Planet Organic.

August 10 added

* Viola organics lipbalm (sesame, coconut and almond oils, beeswax and shea butter)
* Mountain Valley Honey (raw unpasturised)

* Rapunzel organic apple-pear spread (which just contains apples and pears)

* Unfermented (dry process organic) coffee (plunger); Ozone Dry Process Coffee

September 10 added

* Ceres organics coconut milk/cream have now added guar gum
to there product
. It was fine as it was with just coconut milk and water.

* Earthwise deodorant and shampoos/conditioners
* Note: Pam's stocks have been recalled

November 2010:
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January 2011:

  • Looking for raw goats milk in Christchurch check this link out as is avilable from the Lyttleton Farmers Market: Click here
  • Artisan baked bread Christchurch area: Click here
  • Very natural cleaning products click here

February 2011:

September 2012:

  • Raw goats milk and goats milk products (soaps, balms, etc) click here
  • Organic bread click here


IMPORTANT INFO: Some of these above foods should not be included in the WHOO HOO detox (especially fermented foods) for those who are unwell or have food allergies. More info and recipe ideas are available in my books: Jenna`s Journey and the WHOO HOO recipe book and FAITH detox menu plans.

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